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The Cannabis Bluebook is a key sourcing tool for the North American cannabis industry.

Bluebook directories date back into the late 1800’s. Bluebooks are used by industrialists to source specific, required products and services.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies with knowledge, products, and services that can help advance the ever-changing cannabis industry. However, due to Federal scrutiny, the industry’s certainty has long been unknown. But guess what? Times are changing. Advancing the industry is a challenge, and we decided to get involved and help.

We deliver the online visibility and exposure you are looking for. Our focus is to supply professionals with an online directory – an easy-to-use, cost-effective online marketing solution.


cannabisbluebook.com is designed to set the standard as the commercial and industrial directory for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Bluebook is committed to providing cost-effective professional contacts and business information that is simple and enjoyable to access on both PC’s and mobile devices.

We address each customer with an exceptional level of respect and responsiveness. Our commitment to excellence in customer relations is upheld through the following customer service standards:

1. Business Conduct

The highest standards of ethical conduct are required of all CBB employees We provide a great service and a great value.

Listing companies will not be allowed to post non-related or offensive advertisements. They will:

  • Be honest as the foundation of all of transactions and interactions
  • Be respectful of and courteous to all others
  • Follow all rules as outlined in the Cannabis Bluebook privacy policy

2. Customer Experience

When interacting with Cannabis Bluebook, customers can expect:

  • Full and undivided attention
  • Timely attention to inquiries and concerns
  • Commitments honored by Cannabis Bluebook associates
  • Collaborative efforts to meet their business needs and aid in their success


At Cannabis Bluebook, we will always hold to these values as we interact with you and give you a platform to collaborate with partners.

INTEGRITY, demonstrated by:

  • Being honest and ethical in all our business and interpersonal dealings
  • Remaining an unbiased and fair source of information and services

RESPECT, demonstrated by:

  • Treating each person and organization with the highest degree of dignity, equality, and trust
  • Encouraging and empowering individuals to use their skills, talents, and capabilities

TEAMWORK, demonstrated by:

  • Working together to advance the industry
  • Collaborating within our industry and others to improve technology

INNOVATION, demonstrated by:

  • Providing relevant data economically
  • Constantly updating products and services
  • Fostering an environment that results in growth
  • Encouraging creative thinking and execution

SERVICE, demonstrated by:

  • Meeting your expectations
  • Ensuring a great product for a great price
  • Providing a service that nurtures lasting relationships

By committing to these values, Cannabis Bluebook sets a standard of excellence and leadership within the industry that rewards both our customers and our employees.


Romeo Sierra Holdings LLC
PO Box 3035
Dalton, GA  30719
United States
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